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Introducing Nippon Beauty!

Welcome to @cosme nippon. Our mission is to listen to the opinions of @cosme members and our network of specialists, then combine this information with consumer needs. That way, we can discover new worlds in beauty from Japan (a.k.a. Nippon) and share these exciting developments with you.

Go ahead and take a look through our pages! We hope you will be able to see what makes @cosme nippon special. The @cosme nippon brand brings you newly developed Japanese cosmetics, newly discovered ingredients, and materials from every region in Japan, knowledge and techniques from artisanal traditions, plus even more. There are rich stories surrounding every product and we would share the behind-the-scenes stories with you. We delve into what makes Japan beautiful, which includes everything from lovely things you can only get in Japan, to unique culture, even the people working to create products.

Nippon is fantastic. Nippon is fun. We want to hear what you have to say, and @cosme nippon will return the favor with the best in Japanese beauty.

Japan’s local product finds!

@cosme nippon wants to create Japanese cosmetics that go above and beyond.

Japan is a treasure trove of ingredients from the sea, mountains, and even the ever-changing seasons. It is packed with hidden gems, many still waiting to be found.

That is why we feel the obligation to share our findings with you, thanks to our years of experience engaging with members of @cosme. With the help of ambassadors from each region, we will discover hidden cosmetics, collaborate, and work to inspire each other. We will use original materials to develop new products that will be announced under the @cosme nippon brand.

Of course we are not talking about just any local cosmetic goods. These products embody the pride of Japan’s refined technology, the focused spirit of the craftspeople who make them, and the hidden potential of Japan.

All of this means we are bringing you the best in Japan’s uniquely beautiful offerings. Expect the most from @cosme nippon and our discoveries.

The @cosme nippon flag

Why do Japanese women seem to have such beautiful skin and hair? Is there something in the air or water? @cosme nippon’s focus is the unique qualities and sources of Japanese beauty. To find the secrets behind Japanese beauty, we armed ourselves with the encyclopedic knowledge of @cosme members and went on a journey to every corner of Japan.

No matter how far away you are, we want you to be able to recognize the @cosme nippon flag icon, so you can always find our products. The product packaging designs may differ, but you can always find the words “AMAZING DISCOVERY” and our trusty flag icon.

The wavy lines on our logo were inspired by postmark on a letter.
Why? We will send you illustrated postcards with our best wishes from each region of Japan.

To: You. From: @cosme nippon. Each delivery of local cosmetics is a treat for you and your skin!

@cosme nippon3 Brand Missions

Start with real people, real voices.

@cosme is made up of real opinions from real people. Of course @cosme is home to product reviews and information updated daily, but it also has a large network of specialists in the beauty industry. All of this together form the heart and soul behind our product collaborations. This make @cosme nippon a real original, like no other.

Hunt for beauty treasure.

The main ingredients of products created by @cosme nippon are Japanese-grown ingredients found in the wild. Undiscovered, unknown materials can have amazing hidden potential. As a brand, @cosme nippon will hunt down these treasures and share them with you.

Embody Japanese quality.

We bring you only products that capture the essence of Japanese quality. This means we use the technology and techniques that can bring out the best in every ingredient. We will bring Japanese beauty and Japanese quality to life. We are @cosme nippon.